The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need

the only productivity tip you'll ever need

April is synonymous with new beginnings and spring cleaning, so what better time to share with you all my favorite trick for keeping your life free of clutter and chaos.

The best thing of all? It’s the simplest little trick, and its effects require no upkeep.

If it takes less than two minutes, do it now.

The dirty pan that’s been sitting in the sink? Just clean it now. Setting out your clothes for tomorrow? Do it now. That email reply you’ve been meaning to send for three weeks now? (I’d be willing to bet it would take you less than two minutes, honest) — Do it now.

I’m the first person to toss my lunchbox on the counter after a long day at work and promptly forget about it. I’m the first to throw a pile of clean clothes on the floor instead of put them in my closet that is two feet away. My motto has always been “I’ll get to it later”, when it takes just as much time and energy — if not less — to hang my pants on their hanger instead of folding them and stuffing them on the shelf below.

Why waste your time worrying about all of the stuff you have to do later when you can just get it done now?

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  • Angela Tolsma

    Do it now has become my motto for life, especially since I’m unemployed at the moment. If I didn’t live by it, nothing would get done except allot of TV watching.

    • / Kristin

      Yes! And it’s amazing what you can get done in between commercials too (which is the only downfall of Netflix, really).

  • Angie Y

    I needed this. I am so, so unorganized and far behind. ;.; Also, I do the same thing with my clothing! AND IF IT’S ON THE FLOOR, THEN I JUST NEED TO WASH AGAIN. It’s an endless cycle!

    • Dara Octaputri

      Hi! Are you Angie who used to blog at Lariats & Lavender? Do you remember me? I used to blog at Sincerely, Putdar but then I stopped and now I rebranded the whole thing. We used to follow each other but then I lost the track of your blog! Are you still blogging?

      • Angie Y

        Hello!!! Yes, I am. I have a new blog now, it’s – I definitely remember you. I’m so glad you’re still around in the blogging community!

    • / Kristin

      It is an endless cycle! I’d throw things around and at least end up having to iron again, which was just annoying ><;

  • Dara Octaputri

    I’m so bad at cleaning my house. I usually laze around all the day and get it all done in 30 minutes in the evening. Haha! I will never understand why I don’t just do it in the morning so I can laze around all day long until bed time :p

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

    • / Kristin

      Agreed! It’s like the more you put something off, the longer it takes.

  • sarah e

    I so agree! Not long ago, I had a friend complain that I got so much more done with my day than her. I tried to console her saying that it was easier since I don’t yet have kids. Surprisingly, she responded saying that that was a bad excuse and then reminded me that everyone has the exact same amount of hours in their day and it was up to her to make better use of her time. A good reminder for all of us, kids or not!

    • / Kristin

      So true! It’s hard to remember that and keep it in perspective some days, though. I like that mantra :)

  • Kay

    This can seriously make so much of a difference! Some days, I keep up with it. Some days not so much haha. But it is so true!

    • / Kristin

      I do the same some days, but I try to catch myself and convince myself of all I’d be missing out on later, haha.

  • Sara Strauss

    Yeah, I need to get better at just doing stuff now. I’ll read emails and then put off responding to them even though I know it will take three minutes tops! Thanks for the wake up call! :)

    • / Kristin

      You’re welcome! Some emails are just quick ones you need to send off, y’know? Not saying there aren’t some that need a longer or more complicated response, but most days, I avoid sending ones that don’t need to be avoided. Good luck!