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Fangirl lovers, this is for you: Why is fan fiction so powerful?
♥ Some of the most beautiful places in Japan
♥ A few of the best literary fashion icons (even though I could never pull off a Claudia, you can’t deny she is high on the style savvy literary lady list.)
Game Design as Narrative Architecture
♥ Have an extra pocket of time you don’t know what to do with? Here are 24 books you can read in under an hour.
The 30-Day Learning Challenge

What fun links have you found this week?

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  • Kay

    Love the fashion icons! Good lord did I love Claudia as a kid, and I’m so glad they included Alana from Saga because I’ve always been a fan of her practical yet still stylish clothing! The books in under an hour was great too!

  • ALifeMoreKawaii

    Gods, I love fanfiction. ♥ I write my own, and read a LOT. It’s definitely powerful! Some of those places in Japan I haven’t seen before, like Sagano! Beautiful. Gods, I love Japan so much.