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Things Women in Literature Have Died From (snort.)
Which Ice Cream Brand Actually Has the Most Cookie Dough? The most important question ever answered.
♥ Did Shakespeare really write the plays he’s famous for? In the researched Shakespeare Algorithm, function words might hold the key
Stop Asking ‘Is this feminist?’
No You Can’t Get a F*cking Neck Tattoo, Jane Marie — a tremendous response by a tattoo artist and look at personal ethics in the tattoo community
♥ These two girls went on a quest to find locations in popular fandoms (and I’m kind of jealous of their trip.)
Neil Gaiman on how stories last
♥ Are you a writer looking for inspiration? Sonya Cheney has 4 tips for finding inspiration in everyday life to help you out of your funk
Politics and the Japanese tea ceremony
♥ Graphic t-shirts are not a fashion faux pas! Learn how to rock a graphic tee with style and class courtesy of Le Fancy Geek
Can reading make you happier?
♥ Need a cure for stress at work? Books as Therapy has you covered!
7 of the Unluckiest Archetypes in Fiction
♥ Here’s how long it takes kids, based on the average child’s reading speed, to read classic children’s books

Elegy for a Dead World is a game about writing, and meant to help you improve your own writing skills. What are your thoughts on the concept?

What fun links have you found lately?

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  • Sonya

    I LOVE that response from the tattoo artist. I considered reading the original piece but decided I didn’t want to give it a page view. I’ve long had a tentative relationship with Jezebel, so this kind of solidified my feelings of not wanting to read them anymore.

    Also, thanks for the shout out! It makes me feel special, and I really appreciate it.

    • / Kristin

      It’s such a struggle to want to view the original piece but not give it the popularity. I’m always for hearing both sides of a story, but in this case I’m with the tattoo artist 100%. On top of it all, people can’t even have the grace, sadly enough, to not trash a person’s business when they don’t agree or get their way.

      You are so welcome! I love your posts and they’re always super helpful :)

  • ♡ Kristin ♡

    Whaaaat. Elegy is such an interesting concept!

    • / Kristin

      It is! I’d love to see more games in this…genre?

  • Kay

    Loved the article on feminism! I definitely share so many of the points brought up in the article – a great read! That tattoo artist sounds like a great guy; not only did he make a good decision, but he handled her attack so well. Good on him! Also, the way women have died in literature article was just hilarious. 😀

  • Charlotte

    Love your links!! I also snorted hard at that first one!!

    • / Kristin

      Snorts are welcome :) Encouraged, even.