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Fantastic ways to say no
Why I’ll always love boy bands
♥ Language-wise a bit NSFW, but an otherwise insightful piece that’s (probably) true long past your 20s — Things You Learn When a Long-term Relationship Collapses in Your Twenties
♥ It’s not uncommon to hear about how difficult Japanese is from English-speakers. But what about the other side? What do Japanese college students think of English?
Kissaten: A slowly dying part of Japanese culture (that I miss dearly from my own trips to Japan!) They’re much more than a coffee shop
♥ Speaking of Japan, Kam just got back from her trip there! Here are her top 10 things to do in Japan.
53 of the Most Heartbreaking Sentences in Fantasy Books
♥ And on that note, 51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature
♥ The evolution of the American home, as told by interactive slide-thingy
4 of the biggest Pinterest marketing mistakes (and how you can fix them!)
5 Ways to Find Your Writing Ritual
♥ If you’re like me and better at making plans than executing them, check out The Simple Dollar’s 10 Strategies for Becoming a Doer
Dramatic irony in Jurassic Park. You heard me.
♥ Talk about hopeful and beautiful: Gail Simone’s Inspiring Tweet-Storm About the Bright Present & Future of Comics

What fun links have you found lately?

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  • Kay

    Great links…I’m actually surprised at the answers from the Japanese students who learned English! I feel that English is such a difficult language to learn, simply because it filled with no many nonsensical rules and pronunciations. My daughter is currently working on learning to read, and sounding out words to spell them and I’ve been revisiting the basics of language…things like the silent E on words are hard to explain to a four year old haha!
    Also, LOVE the video on special effects, and agree 1000%. It’s one of the things I’m most nervous about with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Though after watching the SDCC reel, I am getting more and more excited!!

    • / Kristin

      English is so difficult! So many things don’t seem to have an explanation or throw the “rules” out the window (I recently saw post on Tumblr from a non-U.S. citizen trying to figure out why “Kansas” and “Arkansas” aren’t pronounced similarly. Mind blown.) Good luck to your daughter! :)

      I’m trying not to get overexcited for the new Star Wars because I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations. I just want a good story. But I’m nervous. Crappy graphics could ruin it, but the SDCC footage gives me hope!

  • Mariko

    Loved the WETA effect video. I’d been noticing something similar myself, but couldn’t put my finger on what it was specifically that was bothering me.

    • / Kristin

      Agreed, something never sat right with me either, but it was hard to figured out what exactly it was.

  • Emma Halford

    You can never stop loving boy bands. Loved the post about dramatic irony in Jurassic Park too. Sent it on to my wannabe writer husband. I’ve just nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my site.

    • / Kristin

      Aw, thanks so much Emma! I’m excited to check out your other nominees :) (Boy bands forever!!!)

  • Didi A

    Hi Kristin! I love your blog – I found it through Sincerely, Sara. I’ve been looking for book blogs to follow and book-related link-ups. How can I be part of your Link Love? (my blog is

    • / Kristin

      Hey Didi! I’m so glad you stopped by (and through Sara of all people! She’s one of the most wonderful people I know!) Link love is just a collection of links that I find and enjoy throughout the week, but if you have a post you think I’d (and MLAAT readers would) like, feel free to send it my way to check out!