Teachers Can Have Fun, Too! with NESTLÉ® Crunch® (+ a giveaway)

Who said adults can’t have fun? And by fun I obviously mean chocolate bars. While heading back to work post-summer vacation can cause a pretty bad case of the Mondays, NESTLÉ® Crunch® chocolate bars provide an awfully good pick-me-up when it comes to a long day of teaching. Teachers deserve to have fun while at school, too!


Just one month ago I was paddling down the Clarion River, letting the cadence of the waves carry my kayak downstream. It was a Monday afternoon and not a soul on the water. Just the lapping of the waves against the boulders and the occasional splash of fish. Peaceful and perfect for reflections and daydreams.

Fast forward to now, and the hopes of a weekday retreat are gone, the hustle and bustle of a new school year back in full swing. The weekend is a reprieve from the fast pace of it all, but come Monday it’s back to the grind. Mondays are filled with meetings, remediation sessions, lessons, and grading papers, and it’s easy to get lost in the routine of it all. Don’t get me wrong — I’m thankful for the reliability, especially as a type-A personality who needs to have my day relatively scheduled. But occasionally (when I get that rare few second breather in the middle of a hectic afternoon) I find myself longing for the summer days not long ago, when I could throw my bike into the trunk and speed off to the lake in the afternoon, or go swimming in the falls on a whim.

I may not be able to have that kind of impromptu adventure these days, but I can decide to not let a drab Monday get me down. Especially when I’ve got a day packed full of teaching my kiddos story elements and good writing habits. Why not have some chocolate fun with the day’s lessons?

Wondering how to have some teaching fun of your own?

My #LifeHackToBoredom with NESTLÉ® Crunch®

Embrace pop culture // Giant nerd that I am, I’m all about including references to my favorite movies, comic books, and video games to make a lesson more fun. For me, it’s not only about creating a lesson that students connect to, but also one that’s fun for me to teach. I could easily put generic clip art or Google images on class notes, but a photo of Dumbledore to represent the trope of the mentor makes the concept all the more memorable.

Take work outside // One of my favorite things to do at the end of last school year was to take my AP Literature classes outside to read. With Senioritis setting in and AP exams over, getting teenagers engrossed in and wanting to read a novel is no easy feat. But who doesn’t love sitting outside in the sun and fresh air? I know I did as a high school student, and I do even now! A change of scenery and chance to sprawl out on the grass/patio led to many fruitful discussions, a fun atmosphere, and a genuinely interested community.

My #LifeHackToBoredom with NESTLÉ® Crunch® bars

Decorate your desk // Maybe it’s the long lost pre-teen girl in me, but there’s something about hanging posters from the walls and decorating binder labels that makes me unabashedly happy. If you’re going to be anywhere for 8 hours straight, you might as well make it a pleasing, comfortable place to be.

Fill your workspace with things that make you smile and realize that not everything has to have a purpose. Lego Millennium Falcon on my desk? Pop Funko Batgirl on the bookshelf? I look at them and laugh every time, without fail. Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

Act it out // Nothing screams fun like getting up and getting a little bit ridiculous! Reading a story the same way each time can be a bore, but actively performing events or even just providing sound effects (galloping horses while reading Sleepy Hollow, anyone?) instantly ups the excitement.

Grab a mid-afternoon snack! // Come one o’clock I need a pick me up that’s a little more exciting to help me power through an afternoon of classes. Plus, a NESTLÉ® Crunch® bar in hand makes waiting for the copier to spit out 65 note packets that much more fun. Note to teachers: don’t expect a whole bag of NESTLÉ® Buncha Crunch® to last more than an afternoon. Keeping chocolate on supply at your desk sounds like a great idea, until you realize you’ve eaten it all. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing.

My #LifeHackToBoredom with NESTLÉ® Crunch®

Still want to break up the monotony in your day-to-day? Enter below to win $20 (yes! — $20!) and treat yourself to something fun!

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And because I was always the child who hit up the houses that had NESTLÉ® Crunch® bars twice multiple times each Halloween, I encourage you to visit NESTLÉ® Crunch® on Facebook to share your love of NESTLÉ® Crunch® and your own personal #LifeHackToBoredom tips!

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    I will spend it on candy 🙂

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    A good book and some chocolate!

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    go to chuckie cheese with my family

  • I would use it to buy a graphic novel ^.^

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    I would buy a book. I’ve been wanting to read The Diary of Frida Kahlo for weeks now.

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    I would buy either a new sketchbook, or a new (reading) book!

    (Also, Act It Out is a great suggestion – one of my favorite parts of AP Shakespeare class in high school was when we got to act out scenes, and our teacher always played a part with us. Watching her be fully in character made us loosen up a lot – it was great!)

    • (So glad you agree! Especially with Shakespeare, it makes it all the more fun :D)

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