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♥ It’s back to school for many, and I can’t help but admire Sylvia Plath’s 10 Back to School Commandments
How to Personalize Your Planner on a Budget
True Story: I’m a YA Author
♥ This got pushed into the deep, dark recesses of my inbox, but it’s still such a sweet story. Boy asked mailman for junk mail to read, and the mailman responded spectacularly
Philosophy explained with donuts
♥ Earlier this summer I made my friend, who had never read/seen Harry Potter before save for “the one with the werewolves” watch the first movie. Similarly, people who’ve never read the Harry Potter books tried to answer questions about the series, and it’s pretty spot on.
The Everywhereist answers spam emails and it’s downright hilarious. I think all bloggers can sympathize
Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty
♥ Suffering from writer’s block? Here are 25 tips to beat writer’s block once and for all!
How many words are in a novel?
♥ Buzzfeed claims it can predict your taste in men based off your taste in pizza. Accurate?
Stephen Colbert for GQ — longer, but well worth the read
♥ Decoupage your own geeky bag with Le Fancy Geek!
18 stories and novels read by Neil Gaiman, for free. Online. Because he’s got such a soothing and perfect storyteller voice and I know I’ve turned you all into Neil Gaiman obsessives anyway

In case you missed it… we’re reading Station Eleven in September and the reviews I’ve heard about it have been stellar! I shared some of my favorite blog organization tricks, including setting up your editorial calendar with Trello and a beginner’s guide to Periscope.

What fun links have you found lately?

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  • Angelica @GardeningInHighHeels

    Ahh you had me at planners and donuts. Love what you found this week!

  • Meg Woolston

    A little late to the party here, but great list this week! I needed a laugh, and the everywhereist post and never-read-harry-potter post were perfect! I cracked up at “If he’s the head honcho why can’t he find someone to wash his robe? Dress for the job you want, Dumbledore!”