Create a Reading Ritual

“I want to read more this year.”

How many times have we made that a goal, but watched instead as it got swallowed up by holidays, work, and the busyness of day-to-day life?
Create a Reading Ritual

Not everyone inherently loves reading and even those that do sometimes struggle to find the time. If you keep looking for the time, however, you won’t find it; unless you make the time to read, a book won’t magically appear in your hands, your eyes soaking up the ink printed on each page.

I’m no psychologist, but changing your attitude towards reading and carving out the time to sit down with a book is something that can be done. Just like you can create habits of healthy eating and exercise, you can also create a habit of reading. A reading ritual, if you will. Because let’s face it: if you don’t enjoy doing something, you’re not going to want to do it at all.

Here are my tips for creating a reading ritual that makes you want to pick up a book and read!

  1. Make time for reading. Reading time will never magically present itself to you; you have to seek it out. You don’t need to set aside an astronomically large portion of time to read, especially right off the bat, but choose a time and place to read and stick with it. Set aside 10 minutes before bed or with your morning coffee to shut everything else off and spend some quality time with a book.
  2. Associate it with something you enjoy. If you’re not someone who naturally enjoys reading, link it to something that you do love. Give yourself a small square of chocolate when you sit down to read a book. Light a candle with a particularly pleasant smell. Make that thing The Reading Thing. No book, no nice-smelling candle. No extra chocolate piece. Personally, I love hot beverages, so sitting down with a cup of hot tea or coffee and a book is something I look forward to. (I’d argue that making reading enjoyable and making reading special are two different things. Think about elementary school reading time: the kids all know where to go, what to do. There’s an air of magic that’s exciting, that gets them eager to read. The lights are out. Some lanterns or candles are lit. They get to sit on the floor!)
  3. Pick a book you like. It doesn’t do you any good if you’re dreading the book you’re reading. Don’t be afraid to swap out a book you’re not feeling for a different one. Maybe the put-down is temporary (I’m all for reading what I’m in the mood for that particular day!) or maybe it’s permanent. Whatever it is, if it’s not a book you want to read, you won’t want to read. Pretty simple, no?

How do you keep yourself accountable to your books and make reading a little more enjoyable?

*Again, I’m no psychologist or the like. I’m fairly confident, however, that opening up a book in a comfortable chair won’t cause you any negative ailments.

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  • Llinos @ The Lilac Linnet

    Make time to read. It’s what I do and it’s what I tell others when they are amazed that I read every day.

    • / Kristin

      This. This. This!

  • Kay

    I can’t imagine life without reading. It is definitely something I choose to make time for, simply because I love it. However, I definitely have months when I read more than others. Obviously, when I’m enjoying a book less I make less time for it, and that can slow me down for sure!

    • / Kristin

      Enjoying it makes such a difference! It’s one of the things I struggle with most with my students; I can’t expect those who hate reading to do things out of class or even get invested in what we’re doing IN class, and sadly the push for all of this testing in the larger world of education doesn’t really smile on the notion of “reading for pleasure”. Which puts me in a tough spot!

  • Melissa Hebbe

    Pretty sure this is me at the beginning of every new year, but I just never make the time to read. But I like the idea of reading with a cup of hot tea!

    • / Kristin

      I honestly don’t know of any other way of doing it than just setting aside time — even 10 minutes. Heck, I read when I’m waiting for the shower water to acclimate! But making it enjoyable at least helps some. Good luck with your goal in 2016! I think you can do it :)

  • Sara Strauss

    Yessss! I like the positive association — reading with chocolate = amazing! I personally love having a piece of chocolate and a delicious drink while reading!

    • / Kristin

      The chocolate-reading association is one I don’t have, but my goodness, put a hot beverage in my hand and I’m off!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Hi Kristin, I just found your blog and love it! How can I pin this blog post to my Pinterest? Thanks!


    • / Kristin

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading, Edye! I typically use a Chrome extension that lets me pin from anywhere, but if you’re looking to pin this post, you can repin it from Pinterest here:

  • Meagan Crowe

    I love reading right before bed. It helps me stick to my bed time and it also helps me wind down, unlike looking at my phone!

    • / Kristin

      It really does!!